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The Studio

Equipped with two drum kits, my home studio near Pasadena, CA is my personal drumming HQ. From recording sessions to teaching virtual & in-person lessons, filming videos for Modern Drummer to jam sessions, this all-purpose space has managed to keep most of the sound from getting out!

Parallel Lines_edited_edited_edited.jpg
IMG_8135_edited.jpg copy.png

From right to left: 18" HHX O-Zone Fx Crash 14" AAX X-plosion Crash under 17" AA Holy China custom brilliant 23" HHX Complex Ride 14" HHX Complex Hats 18" AAX X-plosion Crash 8" B8 Splash 10" Max Stax 6" AAX Splash 8" Max Stax 18" XSR Fast Crash 14" Freq Hats 22" AAX Omni Ride 19" AA Holy China custom brilliant

Mapex custom series MyDentity Drum Kit 8x7 High Tom 10x8 Mid Tom L 10x9 Mid Tom R 14x8 Snr/14x14 Ft L 15x15 Ft R 16x16 Ft L 14x6.5 Black Panther Sledgehammer Snare 6x10 & 6x14 Octobons

Maple SD330W Todd Sucherman Drumstick Finesse 5A RBM565RW Maple Small Round Wood Tip TB3 Jazz Telescopic Wire Brushes

Toms: G2 Coated Snare: Genrea HD Dry Kick: EMAD Small Kit: Toms: UV1 Kick: G2 Coated copy.png

From right to left: 22" Crescent Element China 18" Prototype #7 Chick Corea Flat Ride 22" Anthology Low Bell Ride 20" Artisan Light Ride 14" Anthology Low Bell Hats

Mapex Saturn Pro Vintage 8x10 High Tom 10x12 Mid Tom 12X13 Mid/Floor Tom 14X14 Floor Tom 20x18 Bass Drum


Offset 'Eclipse' Double Bass Drum Pedal Offset 'Sole' Single Bass Drum Pedal

Custom - NK Signature Gold & Black Enduro Pro Cases


Clarett+ 8pre

(Studio-grade 18-in / 20-out interface)

Clarett+ OctoPre

(Additional 8-in / 8-out ADAT preamp)

SE8 OH.jpeg

D6 (Kick) x2

D4 (Toms) x1

D2 (Toms) x2

i5 (Snare & FTs) x3

Misc. Mics x10

 SCX25A (OHs) x2

SCX1HC (HH) x2

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