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Colorado-based alternative rock artist, No Signal — the moniker for Riley Schmelzer — introduces a new sound  with their genre-defying upcoming EP. At the age of 19, No Signal reaches new sonic heights with the five-track collection due out February 4, 2022. 
 The singles provide a sneak peek at the musical complexity and proficiency showcased on the new EP. Blending experimental elements from the Tesla coil, Theremin, Moog synthesizers and members of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, this EP has masterful musical arrangements and elevated production values that reinforces No Signal’s distinctive sound.


Drawing from funk, soul, blues, and rock, Brett’s music is ethereal soul with groove and passion. With emotional lyrics, funky guitar licks, and powerful vocals most often compared to that of Jeff Buckley’s, Brett bares his soul in his songs with heartfelt messages and catchy melodies you’ll be humming in your sleep.



Stay tuned for this progressive collaboration with

guitarist Masen Brewer...


Approaching Indie Rock  with his own flair creates the unique sound of WISCO. The frontman, Connor McManus, although originally from Wisconsin, handpicked this band of pros after moving to Los Angeles to bring his visionary music to life. 


Echo Pearl Varsity (EPV) is an Art-Rock/Funk/Fusion band based in Los Angeles, CA that finds the line between daring and approachable. The founding members, Sam Luna and Levi Downey, grew up on Zappa and Blink-182, and have come together to make epic lucid lullabies of love and laughter.

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